Sunday, August 19, 2007


i recently attended city church in east nashville with my friend, marie. it is a sister church to the one that i am a member of, west end community. although they are both pca, there were quite a few differences. i love this. different, yet the same. one of the things that really moved me in this amazing church was their "confession" time.

first, confession was explained:
"Christians believe in the essential nature of confession. Since Jesus Christ has indeed died and risen from the dead, that which brings us shame and disgrace becomes an opportunity for his grace to become increasingly real to us. In Christ we are free to recognize who we really are and what it cost God to restore us."

second, the corporate confession & repentance was read aloud. honest words said in revealing truth:
"Lord of hosts, only the holy may stand in your holy place. The holy one has clean hands, a pure heart, a truthful soul, and honest lips. But we have stained hands, darkened hearts, restless souls, and deceptive lips because we attempt to justify ourselves. We bristle when corrected, we lash out in anger, we hold grudges, we are inconsistent in our desires and actions, we speak kindly while harboring resentments. In all these ways and more, we refuse to lift up our heads to the King of glory. In this moment, we lift up our heads to you, Jesus, as the holy one and the King of glory. Your life, death, and resurrection is our hope! Come in and reign with your clean hands, pure heart, truthful soul, and honest lips. We pray for our benefit and your kingdom's sake, in your name. Amen."

third, silent confession & repentance.