Tuesday, April 24, 2012


fun areas to live:

- 12 south 
     steven foster apt: unique and cute
- belmont
- hillsboro
- sylvan park
- green hills
- west end 
     chowning square apt: huge | best for 3 room/ppl | right next to bus stop (which is free for vandy staff)  i live here and LOVE it!
- east nashville
     a little further away, but it has a ton of character if that is something you are looking for

coffee shops:

we have a lot of independent coffee venues in town.  most notable are fido, bongo java, and crema.  if you prefer starbucks, you won't have to look far.  they are everywhere.  also, if you prefer to make your own, a great local roaster is drew's brews (found in many stores here, and DELICIOUS).

eat your way through town:

- 12 south: tap room, burger up, edley's bbq, las paletas
- hillsboro village: fido, jackson's, boscos, pancake pantry, dog of nashville, zuma (sushi)
- sylvan park: local taco, star bagel, sylvan park restaurant (meat + 3)
- east nashville: marche, silly goose
- other: samurai sushi, baja burrito, woodlands indian, calypso cafe, kalamatas, loveless cafe, etc.


parks + hiking:

music is everywhere:

mercy lounge, the basement, and the ryman are all great places to see a show.

this is by no means a comprehensive list, but it's a starting point!  hope you all enjoy this town!  i know i do!