Tuesday, March 25, 2008

dublin, ireland: day 1

day 1 - saturday, march 15th / sunday, march 16th.

saturday and sunday are both day one since they merged together with no sleep.

we arrived at the nashville airport around 7:30am saturday morning only to find that our flight left an hour earlier...the airline didn't inform us of the change so we got to fly FIRST CLASS on the next flight to NYC. they really do give you hot towels. wow! after arriving in NY we had to take transportation to JFK for our connecting flight...in a limo. not what any of us expected on a mission trip. of course, the shoe box size seats of the next plane brought us back to reality...6 hours of reality.

dublin, ireland: day 1
our first class meal (sweet!)

by the time we landed in dublin it was sunday. we had to make sure to stay awake all day so we would adjust better to the time the next day, so mikkee kept us busy. we had sunday service with the boals at abbey church. lunch with the boals, chuck tarter, and abbey friends. we stayed outside the majority of the day, as the cold kept us from dozing off. amy and chuck took us on a tour of the city. it was beautiful.

dublin, ireland: day 1dublin, ireland: day 1
abbey church / sunset over dublin

dublin, ireland: day 1dublin, ireland: day 1
the spire / temple bar area

i never slept so well as i did that night.

click here for pictures from day 1

boal family:
alan boal - minister of abbey church
ruth boal - wife to alan, mom to kirsten & sam
kirsten boal - daughter to alan & ruth
sam boal - son to alan & ruth

tarter family:
chuck tarter - ireland missionary
michelle tarter - wife to chuck, mom to 3 kiddies
ava - daughter
giselle - daughter

charlie - son

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