Tuesday, April 01, 2008

dublin, ireland: day 3

day 3 - tuesday, march 18th

actually, we were mostly in county wicklow (greystones & glendalough). this was our free day. shelby, david and myself opted for the trip to glendalough with missionary chuck. chuck lives in greystones, so he was the perfect tour guide. we were able to spend a lot of time talking with chuck about his mission too, which was awesome!

this is also the day my camera died, so all of the pictures are from either david or shelby's camera. they were sweet enough to even let me take a few pictures with their cameras. yay!
there are no words to effectively describe how beautiful this country is. i really don't think the pictures do it justice either, but it's all i've got. ha! parts of it reminded me of east tennessee, but it was so obviously not east tn at the same time.

our day: we took the train (called the dart) from dublin to greystones. a train ride looking over the water and hills of ireland...phenomenal. once in greystones, shelby and i popped into a coffee shop (YAY!) while we waited for chuck.

co. wicklow, ireland: day 3
view from dart train

co. wicklow, ireland: day 3
shelby & i finally get some coffee!

once chuck picked us up, he took us to a place called powerscourt for some shopping and country side views. he was great at giving us details about history and culture in the area. shelby and i picked up a few items while the guys did their thing. then we headed to AVOCA for lunch. AVOCA is a brand now, but it is mostly handmade items in co. wicklow. that was probably the best meal ever. i ordered a 'tart' which i thought was everything, then they asked me what i wanted for my THREE sides. hungry? i hope so.

then we headed for glendalough with full stomachs. there is a link below with details about what glendalough is if you would like to check it out. it was spectacularly beautiful! and we saw sheep and little lambs!!!

co. wicklow, ireland: day 3
entering glendalough

co. wicklow, ireland: day 3
the upper lake @ glendalough

after glendalough, chuck took us back to 'town' for dinner at a place called "the hungry monk" (they had chanting in the restroom, or 'toilet' as they say).

we catch the last train back into dublin and have just enough time to pop into a bar for our very first irish guinness. mmmmm!

a grand end to a grand day! and chuck was amazing. we were lucky to have him with us!

link to co. wicklow: wicklow.com/glendalough/glendalough-county-wicklow/

click here for pictures from day 3

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