Sunday, April 20, 2008

dublin, ireland: day 4

day 4 - wednesday, march 19th
(prayer walk / chuck tarter time)

day four's objective was to do a prayer walk (which i have never done before) and get to know chuck, his family, and their mission better.

we started the day off with quiet time, as usual. but this time mikkee decided to take us to killiney beach for our time with God. it was slightly overcast, slightly sunny, and quite cold. the beach was very interesting. made up of sand and smooth oval rocks. lots of fun happy dogs running around as well. killiney beach is also where the lead singer of U2 (bono) lives, and enya.

dublin, ireland: day 4
fun pups on the beach

dublin, ireland: day 4
killiney beach

chuck met us at the beach and we started on our way...we, of course, stopped to take some pictures of bono's grafiti door. :) now, i have never done a prayer walk, and as many of you know, am not great at praying out loud either. so, i was extremely nervous about this walking and praying thing. it ended up not being so daunting. i did not pray out loud, but i was able to say many silent prayers as we went up the streets. it was really inspiring to hear others praying for each other, friends, strangers on the street, the town, the country, and even their own fears and struggles. i hope to one day be comfortable enough to converse with God out loud...but that is my OWN struggle.

dublin, ireland: day 4
this puppy was our constant leader during the prayer walk!

when we finished the prayer walk, chuck took us back into greystones (where he lives) and showed us the town and places that he works with and helps support. one of the most interesting places to me was the ywca. they host groups and even vacationers in a christian evironment. here is a link to their site:

we then went back to chuck's home to meet his wife and 3 kids. they were a lot of fun! his wife, michelle, is super sweet and down to earth! the girls chatted with her most of the time. what life is like in the mission field and sort of a "get to know you" conversation...which lasted so long, we almost missed the train back. we only had one car to get us back to the dart station, so chuck had to take us in groups. the girls were first. the boys missed the train. oops. ha! but chuck drove them back to town.

wicklow, ireland: day 4
the life of a missionary kid..cute!

us girls had dinner together before going to the church for holy week service. i was able to secure my first free glass to bring back with me to america at the pub we ate at. woohoo! we met up with the guys at the church and had service. then the abbey church interns (chrisy and katherine) took us to a music outreach night held at immanuel church dublin. ireland seems to really embrace the arts as a way to reach people. i thought that was awesome!

then back to harvey's guest house for our team meeting and BED!

click here for pictures from day 4

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